Clown Training in Bratislava – 22-24.02.19

The second event of the project was the Clown Workshop with Polish artist – Pina Polar, held in Academia Universum in Bratislava, coordinated locally by OZ Circuscus (the Slovakian partner).

Target group:
People of no or little experience in clowning

– developing or creating the skills toolkit of a clown
– body expression
– comedic movement
– classic slapstick tricks
– games and improvisation
– working with children and youth

The trainer:
Pina Polar (Joanna Sakowicz) – klaun and street performer. She discovered clowning with her master – Michel Dallaire in Clown Academy in the South of France in 2010.
More information on Pina:

The participants:
15 people from Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary

About the event:

  • “I had in my head few important sentences. Secret of clownning, that Pina told us. When she told it, I was like wow, so easy! Yes! Clowns always say yes! Eyes contact. Look at us! Act for audience! Play for us! Fight for it (for a love of audience). In lots of longer workshop we usually should find secret of art (how to do it) alone. Here it was similar and different. We tried something and after it trainer said few important points. Those points move us forward in next scenes. I understand that this way of leading workshop, because we had just three days. It was good way how to give us the biggest and the most important part of clown technique.It was also nice to meet people, from similar field (theater, performing, circus…) from 4 countries of Visegrad. During the workshop we could see how other “work”, how it is possible to do same things in different way! In the free evening time we told a lot. I know that it was free time, but free time of artist is full of talking about art, experiences, troubles, international possibilities, and it is like professional meeting: talks in few panel discussion, networking. It is so important to meet others similar / different people” – Monika Necpálová (Slovakia)
  • “During the Clown workshop in Bratislava was working on our own character clown, clown skills and clown feelings. First day it was an introduction and some clown games to get used to each other. Second day after making some energizers we did some clown exercises and we tried some short comedy scenes (with an object). Last day we have been working precisely with emotions and we did some pair and solo clown improvisations. During workshops we got very useful feedback after each exercise/improvisation.” – Mikołaj Kubowicz Poland)
  • “I can say this a thousand times – I,m so glad I took the opportunity and attended the clown workshops in Bratislava.
    Pina Polar took me by surprise with her teaching methods and reminded me just how much more there is to discover in yourself when it comes to clowning.
    I’m aware now that preparing the show, learning tricks, techniques and overall “style” is just a drop in a vast ocean. Pina taught us the true clownery is a spontaneous expression of your true self, without shame and pauses.
    The excercises excellently pictured that. It was also a perfect opportunity to observe in other students how differently we all developed our clowning art.
    It was a magical learning experience” – Piotr Strusiewicz (Poland)

    Workshop photo 20190224_111515







 OZ CirKusKus (SL), Hungarian Juggling Association (HUN), Zahrada (CZ), Fundacja Miasto Projekt (PL)

Project implemented with Visegrad Fund