Project events

2nd project events:

5-7.10.2018 Conference on Cultural Education in Lodz,Poland

22-24.02.2019 Clown training Slovakia

16-23.03.2019 CATE training Hungary

20-22.09.2019 CATE and sharing workshops Prague

1st project events:

20-24.09 2016, Łódź, Poland – Social Circus Training (in cooperation with Cirque du Monde – social circus program of Cirque du Soleil)

28-30.10 2016, Bratislava, Slovakia – Social Circus with Rika

21-23.01 2016, Budapest, Hungary – Aerial acrobatics in social circus

18-20.02 2016, Prague, Czech Republik – Craig juggling methode

social circus without borders

Key personel (4-5 people) from each partner country will take part in mentioned specialized trainings lead by professionals. Program of trainings is agreed by partners according to needs of trainers and their target groups.

Aim of trainings is to secure the continuous vocational education of professionals, share good practicies and improve quality of working methods with local groups. It is also important to build social circus network between Visegrad countries and to more firmly mark its present on international scene of social circus.