CATE Training – Budapest -16-23.03.19

CATE (Circus for Adults Training Europe) is a circus pedagogy teaching system, taught in the workshop by it’s co-inventor – Tomasso Negri from Italy and Marjolein Wagter from Netherlands.

Target group:
People with some basic experience in circus arts, who want to become basic circus trainer.

Skills participants learn:
– introducing and teaching basic circus disciplines (juggling, acrobatics, aerial acrobatics, balance, performance)
– showing young people further development possibilities
– creating and controlling group dynamics
– creating a physically and psychologically safe training space
– creative teaching and creativity enhancing

The trainers:

1. Tomasso Negri (Italy)
– graduate from circus pedagogy in Ecole de cirque in Bruxells
– trainer of trainers and project manager in Altro Circo – social circus and networking project in Italy
– pedagogical director of CATE project
– educator, working with youth trough circus arts

2. Marjolein Wagter (Netherlands)
– circus performer and educator, specializing in balance and acrobatics
– acrobat since 1991, performed with many groups e.g. „Strong Dresses”, „Abruptly”, Oerol Terschelling Noorderzon Groningen
– founded her own circus company – Companie with Balls
– has been teachingcircus to  young people for 25 years

The participans:
15 participants from Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia

About the event:

“During the Basic Circus Instructor Workshops I have learned the basic technical progressions in various circus disciplines and methods how to apply them.
We have discussed the possible roles of a trainer and how to apply them in real-life scenarios.
We could get some knowledge on the psychology of the learning process and ways to make it the most effective and appropriate to the target group.
We had finally a chance to prepare and lead a trail lesson, having in mind the target group’s age, technical objective and also social objective of the class.” – Adam Banach from Poland

“We created together an unique atmosphere because the age and characters of participants were really different.
I’ve learned things that open my eyes for teaching methods, that develop my creativity in preparing workshops and will be useful also to make my circus community in Warsaw stronger” – Hanna Śmiałowska from Poland

Partners: OZ CirKusKus (SL), Hungarian Juggling Association (HUN), Zahrada (CZ), Fundacja Miasto Projekt (PL)

Project implemented with Visegrad Fund

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