International Conference on Cultural Education in Poland 5-7th of October 2018

International Conference of Cultural Education will be held on 5-7 October 2018 at The M.Edelman Dialogue Center in Łódź.


The participants will have a chance to get specific, practical skills in cultural education (e.g. working with youth or people with disabilities).
During the workshops and discussion groups our guests will have the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange contacts and experiences, so that they could operate more efficiently and have access to new knowledge and tools.


Workshops, speeches and discussion groups will be led by specially invited instructors from Poland and abroad.


Admission to speeches and discussion groups is free.

During the conference, all speeches are going to be simultaneously translated, workshops and discussion groups are going to be consecutive translated.



In 2015 in Łódź, the Carnival Open Circus Space in Łódź in cooperation with SAN organized the first International Convention of Circus Pedagogy – Cyrkologia. The event was financed exclusively from the Foundation’s own resources and from participants’ contributions.

Thanks to the commitment and determination of the organizers, the event was successful – at the convention there appeared more than 100 people. During the 3 days the practical workshops with professional instructors from Poland, Germany, Great Britain and Canada took place as well as presentations, lectures and discussion groups.


Meetings, discussions and exchange of ideas resulted in, among others:

– Social Circus without Borders project realized in 2017-2018 as a part of the Visegrad Funds

– participation of the FMP to the European Youth Circus Organization (EYCO)

-the background of discussion about the creation of the Circus Pedagogues Network associating individuals and organizations operating within the development of circus pedagogy.



First of all, we invite:

– instructors from cultural centers, institutions and organizations related to cultural education

– animators and educators conducting classes with children, youth and adults

– special school employees and people working with children and people with disabilities

– all professional amateurs who want to develop their skills




– get new, practical skills
that you  will use at work with young people, the disabled and much more

– invest in your knowledge and development and spend 3 days actively among
people with passion

– inspire and improve your methods of work

– meet new people and friends







Some topics for discussion groups:

  • FOCUS GROUP 1: exchange of experiences – how to work with recipients – what happens to us and how we deal with it.
  • FOCUS GROUP 2:  topic’s recommendations from sign-up formular.
  • FOCUS GROUP 3: how to “sell” culture
  • FOCUS GROUP 4: Presentation organisations from Visegrad countries : Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary.
  • FOCUS GROUP 5: networking of cultural educators
  • FOCUS GROUP 7: educator and administration – what facilitates
    and what hinders work in the institution / organization – how we can improve the situation



Lectures  and discussion groups are free of charge..


There is charge for participation in workshops with:

Dorothee Rohrer,

Clown Tomi and

Rafał Mikołajewski..


Payment options :


140zł/3 days Friday-Sunday (6h workshops),


100zł/2 dni Saturday and Sunday (4,5h workshops)


50zł/1 day only  Friday (1,5h workshops).

To sign-up for workshops, speeches and discussion groups:

Fill the form  : Fill in the formular


During the venue, there is possibility to buy lunch (vegetarian option only) that are served at lunchtime at the place. One portion costs 20 pln.

There is an obligatory sign-up for lunch offer. To do so:: Fill in form here

For more information:

Facebook event: link

or on sites:: i



Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.

Project: International Conference on Cultural Education is implemented

thanks to co-financing from budget of the City of Łódź.

Project is implemented thanks to financial support of Visegrad Grant.



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