’Aerials in social work’ workshop in Budapest

’Aerials in social work’ workshop in Budapest

in the frame of Social Circus without Borders Visegradian project
Date : 21-23rd January 2017
Venue: Inspiral Circus Space (Budapest, 1117 Sopron út 19/a)

 practising basic and intermediate moves and aerial postions on trapeze, silks and a little hoop (being able to show and evoke wonder)
 how to teach and spot in a safe way (being able to provide a safe learning environment)
 exercices and games to play and move freely in the air (being able to bring joy and create a playful groupatmosphere)
 creative work for any level (being able to stimulate creativity of every specific person)
 discussion groups about aerial and social work

Presentation of the tutor:

Isabel Van Maele has been teaching circus since 1993 and is a member of the pedagogical staff at Circus in Beweging (a youth circus school in Leuven, Belgium).
Following her master’s degree in physical education she entered the pedagogical circus training at the Ecole de Cirque de Bruxelles.

From 2000 she trains at ECB future trainers in aerial work. Van Maele coordinates the Flemish Basic Circustrainer Program (BIC), she is co-author of the book Circus in school and writer of The Guidelines for Trainers Development Program Youth Circus published by Kunstfactor.nl.

She participated in 2012-2014 CATE programm, what resulted in the online avaiable european model for basic circus training. She has given trainerweekends in Italy, Spain, Finland, Switzerland ant UK concerning Social Circus.

She participated at several international workshops and she was a trainer herself at the pilot edition of Circus Transformation (Caravan) in Amsterdam 2013 and at the internationa edition Circus For Understanding in Brussels (2016).

“If only circus could turn children all over the world into happy, creative and social adults…”


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